Lingering Coconut Oil Smell and (non) Hairy Chests

I think I have done lot of things in my life out of pure impulse and this was one of them. Couple of weeks back I went to a massage place with my friend. Now, this is no ordinary 'spa'. Catering exclusively to men, it's set in a very shady looking location in south Delhi and it's equally shady interiors don't really inspire confidence. Nevertheless, I was there, inside, so might as well go ahead with it.

What struck me the most inside, well beside the guys only in their towels roaming everywhere, was that there was Pro-Kabaddi playing on the TV in the hall! Kabaddi is a wrestling sport in India, more famous in the northern regions. And it has none of that fancy shit that the western countries have. Its just men (and women, but who looks at those matches) playing in the mud without any equipment or gear. I don't think I am doing justice in its description, so please do google it.

You did?



So yeah. Moving on. I have never been to a brothel in my life. But I have heard about it, seen it in documentaries, read about it etc. One common description of them is how when the customer enters the establishment, he/she is offered women/men by physically producing them before him/her. I wasn't really expecting that here in the spa. But it happened. Couple of these men were just standing there and chatting and suddenly they all were pointed out to me by the...uh...manager(?). And in that moment they all stopped talking and just looked at me. It was awkward. I chose one guy. He was hot. Typical North Indian looking. Well built, blah blah, you know all those characteristics.

We went to a very small room which had just one massage table on it. Usually when I am new to places or circumstances, I generally go completely quiet or talk fair amount. In this situation I chose to talk, since the masseur initiated the conversation. Well leave the conversation aside, the massage! THE FUCKING MASSAGE!! It was so fucking good! Every inch of my body (yes, he did touch every inch of my body) was thanking him! He asked me while massaging me if I wanted 'body play'. After many moments of miscommunication, he gave me a hand job and I cummed bucketloads. I wouldn't exactly categorize my experience as 'hot' but god fucking damnit, it was extremely erotic. You know those moments when the situation isn't really sexy in a typical sexual sense, but it is SO FUCKING EROTIC? It was something like that.

The effect of this massage (I didn't opt to go for a sauna or steam) lasted for few days. I was so intrigued by the entire setting. The shady spaces where no one is anyone but everyone is someone.

I went there again after few weeks. Alone this time.

This time though, the massage wasn't just a hand job. I said explicit yes to the question of 'body play'. The masseurs there are supposedly all 'straight'. Apparently they never give blowjobs but readily take them. They don't ever get fucked, but fuck clients. So yeah 'body play' happened. No penetration though.

This time I did opt for sauna and steam. I think if I had to summarize these places, it would be...too many hands trying to get hold of touch be touched by you. Do I really want to be in a place where men who I can easily ignore from the safety of my mobile app are present in my immediate physical space? How firm does my 'no' need to be? Insistence everywhere. I think what disturbed me the most about the place was how having agency over your body becomes very blurry. 

I walked out this time, somehow feeling less relaxed. The lingering coconut smell did not seem inviting on my body, but an intrusion. 

I think I got my closure from these places. 

Or maybe not. 

The massage wasn't that bad.....


  1. I'm an avid reader of your blog and I fucking love how honest you doing in these posts. What puts me off is that you don't post here regularly. Please do it... It feels like someone is out there who's just like me - gay, young and stupid. :)

    1. Hahahaha. Thanks Anon! Yes, I'll try to be more regular :)


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