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The Beginning..of the blog atleast

I thought what would I write about? I still think about it. I still don’t know. It won’t matter to me that no one in this overly populated country would read this. I write this blog as a gay guy in his last teenage year, always been single but never devoid of love and his journey for true love (or at least a boyfriend). Does that even exist? Now, we all have seen those movies where a women always just happens to run into the love of her life or that a raging horny homosexual’s new neighbor through some coincidence in this world turns out to be just the right Greek god he always wanted to spend his life with. Well, let me just put this straight, in a country like India, this scenario is just impossible. Sometimes I wonder, with the population like ours and anti-gay at that, if every person in this world comes out clean about his/her sexuality, India would definitely put any place which prides itself with the highest gay population to shame.   Alas! A guy can dream, can’t he? My lo