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Oh Daddy.

Hello guys! From what I have seen how people are so dedicated to their blogs, I fucking SUCK. And I was supposed to have a freaking cult following by now.  Ok, don't get me wrong. I know the title of this piece really throws you off and suggests that I am hungry for some rich dick (Sigh. Aren't we all?) and am trying to fulfill some daddy issues via different means but in past few months I have really started giving it a thought. I know I would be generalizing a bit, but I have met/seen so many guys in their 30s-40s age group who repeatedly date guys my age (DON'T YOU DARE ASK ME MY AGE) and repeatedly fall out of relationship with them and yet keep repeating the process. I know it's a little bit ironic that I am calling guys my age them  but please bear with me. But lord! Is it so wrong to have a sugar daddy? There's something about it! I don't know...I get this weird tingly feeling down there (read, a semi erection) whenever I think a