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Is ANYBODY reading this? Few days back I was just thinking - did I start writing this blog to actually reach out to people? To actually touch somebody’s heart? Or just seeing it somewhere public would make it look more real? That reading the things that I write on a supposedly anonymous blog would actually make me look at the real meaning behind what I actually write. I guess I am still figuring out the answer. I started out by writing that this blog signifies my journey of finding ‘the one’. Well, it’s been 2 months and 21 days since I got into a relationship. And let me tell you, it’s every bit flowery and sickly sugary as they say it is. He is 2 years younger than me and really smart and to me he is the most handsome guy on this planet. Since the beginning of this relationship I have been trying to find out whether am I still lonely or not. You know what they say right. Everybody is alone, it’s just better to deal with it in a relationship. Am I? Lonely? Still? Some