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A tale of a Cut Dick and a Tight Hole

Why is Anal sex so fucking hard? Dear readers, I have tried to do it with my boyfriend at least 20 times and as much as I would like to post this on a proctologist’s website, I shall refrain myself from doing so. Everytime we try to do it, FUCKING LORD, it pains so much that I just can NOT fucking do it. I did take the head inside once, and I swear on Gaga’s name, I thought I was gonna shit on my boyfriend’s dick! One day, I set up the whole room, took a bath, cleaned every fucking hole in my body (inside AND out) and I got a scented candle for god’s sake! Put on a sexy playlist, a drink and you know blah blah. That night I was ready to lose my virginity for good. And guess what? By the end of it I found it so hard to take it in that I started crying “I am going to die a virgin and never have sex in my entire life.” Yeah…..that’s not something what you say when a guy is trying to put his cock inside you. It’s not like I am not attracted to him. I do love him. And once when his