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2 Year Old Chapter Revisited

Is this depression? Wanting to hide within yourself, being comfortable with sadness, putting up a fake smile for everyone, losing yourself within the crowd, finding happiness a pain in the ass? I have fallen in love with a straight guy yet again. Why don’t I ever learn? The most conflicting thing is that I know fully and completely in my heart and in my mind that no matter how many stories I might have heard about straight guys turning gay for a gay guy, there is absolutely NO chance with this guy. This in my batch who I ironically hated before this “love” thing. Always called him a wannabe (yes people he is one), his dressing sense really tragic, his walk, let’s just say - people like him don’t make heads turn. And now each trait of his is such a f’ing turn on! And you know what sucks even more? He’s hitting on one of my very good friends. I know that I am probably the worst friend in the world and I probably set the definition for hypocrites but I just can’t sta