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The blue-eyed Stranger and the Strange Blonde

I was dreaming about being touched. Being caressed. Someone feeling me up like they would feel themself - without any inhibition and stopping at spots they were very familiar with. You know those dreams which always stay with you? The ones that come so unexpectedly that they leave you puzzled....they leave you hungry. Hungry not for wanting more but to be able to live the exact same dream all over again. I remember I was with him in a beach. It wasn't sunny. I remember chaotic weather.....shifting skies like his shifting hands....I remember only us on the beach. I remember the intensity with which his fingers dug inside my back. Even with all the chaos around, waves crashing, his blue eyes stood out the most. But I barely remember his face. His face was blurry. I was surprised by that color - the blueness in his eyes. You see, where I grew up I never saw people who didn't look like me. My own hair color, my own eye color. And I wondered....does this mean that I'll get to