Oh Daddy.

Hello guys! From what I have seen how people are so dedicated to their blogs, I fucking SUCK. And I was supposed to have a freaking cult following by now. Yeah...so...anyway. 

Ok, don't get me wrong. I know the title of this piece really throws you off and suggests that I am hungry for some rich dick (Sigh. Aren't we all?) and am trying to fulfill some daddy issues via different means but in past few months I have really started giving it a thought. I know I would be generalizing a bit, but I have met/seen so many guys in their 30s-40s age group who repeatedly date guys my age (DON'T YOU DARE ASK ME MY AGE) and repeatedly fall out of relationship with them and yet keep repeating the process. I know it's a little bit ironic that I am calling guys my age them but please bear with me. But lord! Is it so wrong to have a sugar daddy? There's something about it! I don't know...I get this weird tingly feeling down there (read, a semi erection) whenever I think about moaning 'daddy' while getting fucked. I am so fucking tired of these guys who call themselves 'pure tops'. Shouldn't they know more about sex and technicalities of fucking if they claim to be pure top? I mean, one doesn't just put one finger inside another's ass and just proceed on to fucking shoving their dick inside! We are all not born with Johnny Rapid's ass! My hole is not perpetually ready for a fuck! But a daddy? Oh. No. They would not just take care about sex, but intimacy. They wouldn't care about these silly stupid categories of top and bottom. Ok, again, I know I am generalizing but I speak from experience. All daddies might not be good in bed....I can't believe I am doing this post! Aaaaa! But still I feel so giggly while I write this down. Haha! Being an over-analyzing shit that I am, I feel like I should make certain things clear. 

1. I never had an abusive relationship with my father, which some people might argue may be the reason for me seeking out sugar daddy relationship. So don't give me that psychological theory crap.
2. I never called my father - 'daddy', I have always referred to him as 'papa'. (Now, that I think about it, THANK THE LORD that I didn't)
3. Age has never been an issue for me. In fact I hate guys my age. Is it just me or they just are so painfully vain and dumb and lack ambition!

I stupidly googled sugar daddy and came across Mentoring for Sugar Baby with questions being asked:

Hey, I'am planning to start sugaring here in LA, after reading so many blogs and thinking about it for a while now, but I'm not so sure how to start, What would I write in the seeking arrangement descriptions? Should I use my real name for the whole process? Should I have my photos blurred out at first on the website?

To which our mentor for the site responds:

As far as the perfect profile goes you want to make sure that your profile is creative and it stands out. Make it sound like it's a letter directly towards him.

Golden words ya'all! This will sound really needy, but I am not really looking for an ultra rich guy who buys anything for me, but I like the idea of it. Fine, I am taking a low paying job because the career I am choosing will not pay me much, so where art thou daddy? Sheesh, I see what I have written till now and I feel so ashamed of myself. Again, praise the lord for anonymity! Don't worry, I am not changing my grindr profile description to a 'sugar baby' or something. Yuck! I just prefer guys above 27-28 and I look pretty young for my age which automatically puts me in that sort of stereotype. No seriously, I was on a date once and this policeman stopped us and whispered to me secretively, if "the guy was troubling me and holding me against my will". Anyway, hope things are going well at your side!

Until next time.


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